Penis augmentation – is it feasible?

Lots of males feel anxiety with regards to the size of their penis. There are a wealth of treatments used online male enhancement which assert to help you enlarge your penis. Nevertheless, these are frauds – there is no medically shown as well as risk-free therapy which could raise penis dimension. Discover just what comprises an average size as well as the best ways to protect yourself from harmful therapies.

What is a normal penis size?

The penis enhancement industry monetises men’s anxiety, which usually stems from media representations of large penises.

It is simple to be tricked by pictures in films, magazines as well as online which represent abnormally large penises as the standard. Several men overestimate the typical dimension of a penis and incorrectly think that they are below par.

The ordinary dimension of an erect penis is 14-16 cm (5.5-6.3 inches) in length and 12-13 centimeters (4-5 inches) in area. A penis is not considered small from a medical point of view unless it is under 7.6 centimeters (three inches) when fully put up. Drooping penis dimension differs substantially.

Male improvement items – are they secure to take?

You will possibly know with advertisements for tablets, creams, lotions, supplements, devices, stretching workouts or surgical treatment to enhance penis size. Some sellers also use a “money-back” guarantee.

Unfortunately, these therapies are at best inefficient. Considering that they are typically sold unlawfully, they have actually not been clinically authorized as well as they might pose a danger to your health.


Contraptions designed to stretch your penis are misadvertised – although penis pumps could aid guys with impotence they do not increase the size of your penis. There is additionally no specific workout which might create permanent enlargement.

It is possible to increase your penis dimension with cosmetic surgery. Nevertheless, there is a threat of adverse effects as well as inning accordance with a research conducted in 2006, only 35% of males that went through penis enlargement surgical procedure enjoyed with the results.

Do male improvement pills function?

There are no reputable medical research studies to verify the claims made by any one of the producers of “penis enhancement” tablets.

It is essential to keep in mind that male enhancement is a huge industry which reinforces males’s insecurities concerning the dimension of their penis. Penis enhancement pills do not function, and neither do creams, creams, supplements or other male enhancement items. If there was an accepted and also efficient therapy it would be available from drug stores instead of bogus online drug stores just.

Prevent purchasing unlicensed and potentially harmful medicines – they are most likely to do even more harm compared to great

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